Our Story

New York Academy Educational Services’ utmost aims are to help the students in high poverty, low performing areas with their academic and social enrichment, and encourage and award their educators.

NYA, to accomplish its mission, provides educational services such as ESL classes, educational consulting to high school and college students, and support educators through grants and awards.

Why Make a Donation to NYA?

We believe that our mission is sacred in the sense that it helps the individuals we help step into better future.

When you donate to New York Academy, you help us make the difference that we are truly unable to provide to our constituency without you and your donation.
With your donation, you not only contribute to NYA financially but also motivate spiritually the NYA family, the staff and its volunteers.

Small donations have a huge impact. With your donation, whatever its amount is, you help us increase the quality of education in poverty stricken areas in New Jersey.

How to Donate

All kinds of donations we welcome!

Online: You may send your donation via ZELLE to [email protected]

Check donations: Please mail your check donations, payable to New York Academy Educational Services, to 17 Chestnut St. 3rd Floor Ridgewood NJ, 07450.

Stock donations are welcome. Please contact us for details.

Expertise and time: We welcome volunteers to work with us to accomplish our mission.

Make Donation to New York Academy Educational Services

We like to hear your ideas and projects along with the donations you make

Feel free to share your ideas and projects with us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.