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  • Ahmed Quedraogo accepted into Rutgers

Our CPM Mentee is accepted into Rutgers

March 10th, 2023|

One of our High School senior students, Ahmed Quedraogo, has officially been accepted into Rutgers Newark! NYA has awarded him with $100-gift card. We congratulate him and wish him continued success in his college life.

1710, 2022

College Path Mentorship 2022-23 Started

Our signature program College Path Mentorship’s 2022-23 sessions started last weekend in two locations, the Cultural Integration and Arts Association of Newark and the Masjid Fallahee.

710, 2022

College Path Mentorship Parent Meeting 1

We are pleased to announce that our College Path Mentorship Program has started with "parent meetings." The first meeting was held at Masjid Fallahee on Tuesday, October 4th, 2022.

1508, 2022

NYA’s First Summer Math Camp was a Success

Our first free "Summer Math Camp" was held between August 1 and 12, 2022 at Alaaka Association, Newark. 9 students attended the camp that started at 9 am and ended at 1 pm daily. Students were also offered snacks and lunch for free. The camp was a success.

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