ESL Classes

Language barrier is still among the most challenging obstacles for newcomers to the United States. New York Academy offers ESL classes to help immigrants and refugees become – both young and adults – economically self-sufficient, and socially and civically engaged and better integrated.

NYA Educational Consulting

Educational Consulting

College Entrance Exam Prep

NYA offers college entrance exam prep services. Getting a high SAT or ACT score can help you on the path to achieving your college and academic goals. New York Academy offers the resources you need to succeed, and you are all aligned to the SAT and ACT exam objectives. We will work with your institution to provide you with the content, practice assessment items, and actionable data needed to effectively prepare you for the college exams.

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Graduate School Admissions Consulting

NYA offers dedicated one-on-one mentoring that covers all aspects of the graduate school admission process such as advising on building a strong academic CV, to identifying which programs are right for you, to revising your statement of purpose and advice on the required tests such as GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS and GRE subject tests.

NYA’s uniqueness is that its one-on-one mentoring starts right after admission into a college and continues until admission to a grad program that a college student dreams of.

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NYA’s IVY LEARNING® focuses on improving the quality of education. Our utmost aim in this project is to help the students in high poverty, low performing areas with their academic and social enrichment. We provide supportive SAT and STEAM courses to high and middle school students.

NYA Academic Enrichment

Career Guidance

New York Academy aims to help high school and college students know and understand themselves and the world of work in order to make career, educational, and life decisions. NYA organizes career fairs annually that host distinguished experts as guest speakers.

Supporting Educators

New York Academy is pleased to support educators for projects and materials that serve to build long-term capacity at K-12 schools. Educators or schools may apply to NYA grants for projects that may invest in technology, laboratory-building, or to purchase teaching materials.